We at Koustubh Clinic believe in Quality over Quantity. Giving our patients quality care is what we aim at.

Dr. Kailas Bhagwan Salunkhe is a consultant Homoeopathic Doctor and is healing people along with his wife Dr. Sujata Kailas Salunkhe at Miraj, Sangli Maharashtra. He has clinical experience of more than 18 years. He has flourishing practice at Miraj. He is bright, scholar, outstanding, successful. He is known to thousands of patients as a kind and lovely doctor. He is exposed to modern Homoeopathy as practiced passionately only on mind. Treatment by Dr. Kailas is better experienced than explained.

Dr. Sujata Kailas Salunkhe is B.H.M.S. since 2000. She is healing people along with her husband Dr. Kailas Bhagwan Salunkhe at Miraj, Sangli Maharashtra. A very knowledgeable and able doctor she is, came to the rescue of many people, and is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually, every type of chronic and acute illnesses. It is a podium for people coming up with queries and opinions about their diseases and problems; be it physical or psychological.